Lamu Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago just off the coast Kenya. Lamu old town. Who said there is no paradise in the African continent? You are probably missing out a lot on Lamu Island. This Island is a Jewel of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast. Lamu has Powdery white beaches and its rich in underwater world with Corals and tropical fish ideal for snorkeling and Diving. Lamu is the oldest living town in Kenya with rich history as a trading place. Lamu fort is one the main attraction in the town. The fort provides beautiful views over the town and the Indian Ocean. In the excellent Lamu Museum you can learn more about the local Swahili culture and lamu’s nautical history and admire the islands ceremonial horn. One can also visit the small villages of Shela and Matondani which have some great beaches for sunbathing and water sports such as water skiing,jet skiing ,windsurfing and diving. The Island is also a home to beautiful beaches; one can also indulge in unforgettable boat tours or even swim with the dolphins. There are also some great interesting historical sites .People of Lamu are great believers in tradition and customs. For a traveler, Lamu is a hypnotically exotic experience, made even more enjoyable by the relaxed and welcoming attitudes of the locals. To Visit to Lamu is to enter in another world, travelers find themselves becoming part of this world, and long days are spent strolling along the water front, exploring the town or relaxing on the beaches.

Take a dhow cruise at sunset
Go to local Kenyan dance show performance in the evening on Manda Island
Go fishing for yellowfin, sailfish, red snapper, and other local fish
Walk along the beautiful shela beach.
Swim with the dolphins
Scuba diving and snorkeling

Kipungani lamu
Lamu House Hotel
Jambo House