Nairobi National park is one of the oldest National parks in Kenya. The park was established in 1946.Its smaller compared to many of other Kenya parks but donot under estimate it because its unique and wonderful. The park covers 117km,and its consists of typical,original,kenyan landscape such us plains ,forests, steep gorges and lush vegetation along the banks of Embakasi river. Nairobi National park is the only city in the whole world, which neighbors a natural game protection area, harboring more than 100 species of mammals. In the recent years a unique trend has been recorded with increasing frequency. A cheetah has successfully raised seven cubs in the park. The park is located 7 km from Nairobi city center. The savannah eco-system comprises of different vegetation types like open grass plains and scattered acacia bush are predominant.

The park is best known for its significant black rhino sanctuary. This is the best place to see these endangered animals in their native environment. There are no elephants in this national park but the rest four of the big five can be seen: lions, Buffalos, Rhinos and leopards. Other commonly existing animals include elands, giraffe, zebras and the wildebeest.

To the south of the park is the Athi kapiti plains and kitengela migration and dispersal area. These are vital areas for herbivores dispersal during the rains and concentrate in the park in the dry season.

What to see and Activity options

Endangered black rhinoceros

Game drives

Bird watching 400 hundred species of birds has been recorded here.

Walking trails along the five picnic sites

Corporate events such as Bush dinners and team building

Special events such as weddings

Ivory burning site monument

Masai lodge
Nairobi Tented camp
Mamba makoyeti tented lodge