Tsavo East National park is one of the oldest and largest African safari parks in Kenya. It was established in 1948 and covers 11,747Km2, although not all of the park is open to public. Its located near the village of voi in the Taita Taveta district of coast province. Tsavo East is 333km south east of Nairobi, and 173Km North West of Mombasa. It’s close to the beaches and tourists attractions around Malindi and Mombasa which makes it an ideal wildlife safari destination for those tourists who don’t want to have an overnight stay. This is a unique park in nature with flat ,dry plains ,with thorny bushes and swampy marsh land near the river.Tsavo East is a great destination with diverse Africa animals which includes gazelles, large giraffe families,hartebeests,Zebras and a must see the BIG FIVE-Buffalos,Elephants,Lion,leopards and rhinos.some of the popular destinations within this park include-Mudanda Rock and the yatta plateau which is the world’s largest lava flow.Luggard’s falls on the Galana river with sharp water worn rocks. The park is also a bird lovers paradise with about 500 species of birds.

Bird Watching: The Park has many migratory birds which includes goshawks, buffalo weaver and palm nut vultures, African skimmers, other birds are weaverbirds, sunbirds, kingfisher and hornbills.
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Aruba Dam
Lugard’s fall
Yatta plateau

However Tsavo East is a buzz with activities all year round as it is favored by many guests at Diani beach and the easy accessibility and diverse range of animals. Other attractions include a massive outcrop of hard rock’s stretching close to 1.5km,there is also a dam that serves the watering hole of elephants and other animals in this park. Walking along the rock provides travelers with a vantage position to view wildlife at the dam. The park history is well remembered for an incident that happened back to the last century when marauding lions attacked workers constructing railway across the park. The lions were Named the Man Eaters of Tsavo.

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