here many tourist attractions at Tsavo West National park, starting from Bird watching, safaris to see the red skinned elephants boating and hill hiking. This park covers 7065Km.A wildlife safari is the best way is to see wildlife close up in their natural environment.Tsavo West is truly home to the largest population of red skinned elephants as well as the Big river.Tsavo west encompasses of mountains,hils,acacia woodland,savannah,palm thickets and lake Jipe.

Famous for Mzima springs, with its unique underwater hippo observatory , shaitani lava flow and chaimu volcanic crater.The park holds a rhino sanctuary and also for bird lovers there are over 600 species of birds in this park.It adventurous to see the huge anthills ,tortoise plodding along the edge of the track and sparse shrubs.

Activities/what to see:
Bird watching
The cliff faces in Tsavo west offers some best rock climbing
Lake Jipe which attracts lots of wildlife and birds as well
Explore the swamps
Boat Excursions
Watch hippos bathing underwater

Finch Hattons camp
Severin safari camp
Ngulia Lodge
Voyage ziwani safari camp
Kilaguni serena lodge
Taita hills lodge