Lake Elementaita is a treasure paradise at the heart of the great rift valley.Its a salt water lake and its surrounded beautiful acacia trees and great wonderful breath taking sceneries. The lake is nestled in the Eastern sweep of the rift valley.The lake boasts of wildlife and it occupies an area of 18sq km.Located in semi arid area along the Naivasha –Nakuru highway. At the southern end of the lake lie the kekopey hot springs, in which Tilapia Grahamii breed The lake is on the floor of the rift valley .It has scattered volcanic rocks. For bird lovers 400 species of bird species including flamingos, pelican’s kingfishers, marabou storks and crested grebes can be seen here. Lake Elementaita is a popular Kenya safari destination among bird enthusiasts. Elementaita attracts visiting flamingos, both the greater and lesser varieties, which feed on the lake‘s crustacean and insect larvae and on its suspended blue algae, respectively. The hills surrounding Lake Elementaita and the acacia forest makes this area dramatic and sterning suited for hikes and nature walks. Near the lake are other attractions including the Delamares Soysambu conservancy, Kariandusi prehistoric site among others.

Activities/Things to do:

Hot Air balloon ride: The Balloon takes off from Soysambu ranch.

Nature walk

Horse riding

Bird Watching

Visit to the warm spa that flows into the lake.


Lake Elementaita country club

New Elementaita luxury Serena camp

Sunbird Lodge

Pinklakeman lodge

Budget Camps:

Flamingo Camp