Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and the highest mountain in Kenya. It has an Elevation rise of 12,549ft and 3,825 meters,mt Kenya is the thirty second most prominent mountain in the world .Mount Kenya has several summits including its three highest peaks-17-057ft Batian,17,021-ft Nelion and 16,355ftLenana.It lies 90 miles(150Km) North East of Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. The Mountain is in the south of Equator. Mount Kenya is a stratovolcano that arose over 3 million years ago. It last erupted between 2.6 and 3 Million years ago. From Nairobi mount Kenya is around 4 hours drive.The volcano rose as high as 19,700 feet before being eroded to its present height. Mount Kenya is the center piece of Mount Kenya National park and its listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unique geology and natural history. The mountain’s unique afro-alpine flora or plant life is considered an outstanding example of Alpine evolution and ecology, Mount Kenya also has Dr ,Suess-fantasy forests of giant groundsel and Lobelia ,as well as moors blanketed with giant heather and dense bamboo forests and wildlife includes elephants,zebras,rhinos,antelope,hydrexes,monkeys and lions. Long overshadowed by Kilimanjaro, trekkers have started to take notice of this beautiful glacial peak. An ancient dormant volcano ,flanks has been shaped and moulded to a dramatic affect by glaciations. The summit is actually a twin summit, with a pair of rocky snow capped peaks, the Batian and Nelion, separated by a narrow gap and surrounded by an intricate system of peaks and ridges with many high glaciers. Mount Kenya offers some of the Africa’s finest rocks and ice climbing. Huts are available along the most common routes but the more serious routes may require bivouacs.

Altitude and Safety in Mt Kenya

Climbing mt Kenya is very accessible, with a decent level of fitness it is easy to gain attitude quickly. Trekking with a good experienced guide, taking a sensible easy pace and keeping hydrated makes your trekking easy and makes all the difference. The trekking crew usually consists of a guide.a cook and a potter per trekker.Note that a good experienced guide is very important for two reasons he is able to regulate your pace,be able to draw on their experience to diagnose altitude sickness symptoms and have that confidence to make critical decisions and also their knowledge about the wildlife and flora and the fauna on the mountain making the environment alive.


Chasing lovely and brightly colored birds with your binoculars
Hacking through dense forestation, where you will see Elephants and buffaloes all round
Marveling as the forestation clears revealing rolling moorlands reminiscent of the Scottish highlands
Taking the views of the three peaks from ship ton’s camp
Emerging on point lenana just as the red sun rises over the African plains


Sirimon route:most popular as the altitude gain is nice and steady and it offers one of the most beautiful approaches to the peaks.
Burguret Route:if you want to avoid crowds this is the best route.You will be hacking through the pristine rainforest.Going up this route is challenging.The route is combined with Chogoria or Sirimon descent.
Naro Moru Route: Most popular descent route and its also fast and easy. vegetation is most striking on this route.
Chogoria:The route passes by tarns ,waterfalls and incredible gorge.
Timau Route:The route is little used nowadays,there is little forest on this side of the mountain and no facilities, just lots of open country.

Naru Moru River Lodge
Castle Forest Lodge
Mt Kenya safari club
Serena mountain Lodge
Sweet waters tented camp
Mintos campsite
Shiptons hut
Mackinders hut