Mt, Longonot is a dormant stratovolcano located southeast of Lake Naivasha in the great riftvalley.A of Kenya. It is thought to have last erupted in the 1960’s.Its name is derived from the Masai word oloonongot which means mountains of many spurs or steep ridges. Mount Longonot is 60km northwest of Nairobi. The ecosystem mainly comprises of the mountain rising to 2,776m above the sea level. This Mountain is a captivating sight for tourists. The mountain sides now have beautiful carved v-shaped ridges and valleys with deep forests inside the crater giving it a lush green look. Mount Longonot is one of the best hiking adventures one can have while in Kenya not only in riftvalley.A but also whereby you get to see wild animals such as, the giraffe, buffalos, Gazelles, zebras and even snakes. Longonot is a volcanic mountain of which up to date has some smoke emit icons and it’s a twin crater mountain adjacent to it there is a national park called hells gate where geothermal power comes from and a wide range of wild animals too. It’s a place for both family and group outing where fun is guaranteed. Rising at an altitude of 6000-7000 ft mt Longonot trekking park covers an area of 52sq km.It has heavy volcano and crater forests and offers excellent walking and climbing opportunities to the summit and crater. It offers chances for day trips where groups engage in active sports like game walking, riding, cycling and picnicking. The summit offers great panoramic views of lake Naivasha and the expansive great riftvalley.A floor including several other bluffs and smaller mountains like mt.suswa.Like hells gate, mount Longonot offers a wide range of attractions for visitors keen on activity holidays like:
rock climbing
biking as well as bird and wildlife viewing.


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